Monday, January 13, 2014

From Couch to 100 Miler Ultra trail run (C2100)!

     Couch to 100 miler?  Really?  50 Mile trail runs through the Appalachians?   50K mud runs?  But as Forrest Gump said, "I decided to go for a little run".  Unlike Forrest, most of us can't just run a 10,000 miles without a pit crew every few miles.  So how... why... do we do it?   What does it take?  What are the common mistakes?  What do you need to buy (vice wants) and what time investments are wisest so job, family, and other important balances in life don't suffer?  Add rest, recovery, nutrition, pace, schedule, cross training, and other facets that limit injury and we've got much to discuss!

     I remember the first day my wife mentioned she wanted to run a marathon.  Myself... 40 pounds over weight... hearing her proclaim that was scary.  To make matters worse, it wasn't a 'normal' marathon.  She told everyone she was going to run the Marine Corps Marathon (and she did!!  But that we'll talk about later!).  So as a prior Marine, out of shape, my pride spoke before my brain could guide it - and all of a sudden, a Prior Marine who would struggle to run 3 Miles committed to the Marine Corps Marathon.

This year with the Lord's help and the support of my bride and kids, I'll compete in the 100 miler Pine Creek Challenge.  As a member of the Marathon Maniacs, I'll probably add 5 to 7 marathons - most of them trail runs.  Health is the goal... mind, body, spirit.  

The next few months we'll discuss several topics, and I look forward to your comments!  Let me know what topics you'd like to cover first!  Some on my list:
Diet - Superfoods, meatless days, eating schedules... do they really effect training?
Tempo - Can you really get faster by running slower?
Terrain - How can that impact the shoes you wear?  
Times - Do you measure your runs by hours?  Or miles?
Shoes - Without focus on particular shoes, we'll initially address types, recommendations etc..
GPS - Do you need one?  
Schedule - How do you prepare for a half marathon?  Marathon?  50 Miler?  100 miler train run?  Obviously we'll focus more on the ultra marathon training needed for the beginner/intermediate runner.

Starting in February, I'll share every run through my Runkeeper App, and my diet and schedule!  Until I write again, stretch well... eat well... and remember - all runners are equal so get out there!


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