Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mind Over Matter

8 Ways to increase your Motivation.

We all do it.  I really should get that run in today.  But I could take today off, and just backload the run later in the week, couldn't I?  I mean... rest is important.  Besides, I ate right today.  And I really went a little above and beyond yesterday, right?  

Regardless what we are training for - 5K through Badwater Ultra, we all have arguments like the above in our heads.  It isn't that we don't absolutely love running, but every day can't be "high energy, peak performance" day.  Heck... we are supposed to listen to our body, aren't we?  In most cases, even in days where our energy level and time available in the day clash, we need to get out there.  But how to overcome those days?  Here are a few of my favorite ways of shaking off the nastiness!

1.  Twitter.  Catch up on what fellow runners are doing!  More times than not, motivation will follow.
2.  Eat right and hydrate.  Keeping hydrated is key... without it, you know your performance will suffer and that in itself can keep you at your desk.  And you'd be surprised at just how motivating eating a healthy meal can be!  
3.  Be spontaneous.  Throw your scheduled workout for a loop... run a new trail!
4.  Look at race photos.  It's amazing how looking at old race photos will spurn a good PT session!
5.  Put on your running gear.  Honestly.. ya just feel stupid putting in on and not running!  And if you are like me, you'll get a Pavlovian response...
6.  Stretch.  An innocent stretch (OK... it isn't innocent... you've got ulterior motives!) can stimulate the senses enough to get you out on the trail.
7.  Watch a documentary.  I know.  Sounds gay.  But honestly... watch 5 minutes of this and tell me you don't feel like upping your workout today! Badwater
8.  Sign up for a new race or read a race review.  We've all got races on the schedule.  Read a race review for an upcoming event, or the course description of an upcoming race.  Or... if you aren't signed up, find a local run - even if it is just a fun run at a local club!

And what do I do?  I'll quickly write a blog entry!  (obviously I'm not lacking motivation often...LOL).  

What do you do to get you on the trail when motivation isn't high?  Thanks for the read... and as always, drop me a note @trailrunningdad!

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  1. I love this post! Funny because I just passed up the chance to run this morning now I feel like a bum! Thanks a lot!